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Join our Elektric journey!

At Cafe Elektric we are building a place we've  dreamed of... a multi-faceted culinary concept with a courtyard garden and an reconstucted historical basement in the style of the roaring 20s! . We desire to build our modern eclectic concept through encouraging new ideas in our enthusiastic team of professionals, who all work as a team to deliver the so desired quality!

We constantly strive to offer better and better experiences to everybody involved, from guests to staff. We expect our culinary artists to be genuinely interested in their job and commit to things with attention to detail! We reward such attitude with fair pay and employee treatment.

Our team is open, honest and supporting, with an extencion to encouraging employee growth and creative development! We offer staff meals, paid holidays and other employee benefits ; we know that if we take care of our team, they can then  provide great care to our guests, who leave our restaurant satisfied and excited for their return!

If you enjoy a challenge and want to see the restaurant and yourself grow and share smiles:" get in touch with us! (For foreigners: Please note that we require at minimum a basic level of Czech language.)

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Phone: Vladimir Tala (Manager)

+420 723406192


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